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Decorative Letter All physical events and experiences begin with the mind. “Thought makes manifest”. The thought always comes first, never the other way a-round. Therefore, to understand a specific experience, it must be translated from its physical manifestation into the mythos within the psyche from which it was created. A quote from A Course in Miracles:  “I have given everything I see all the meaning that it has for me.” Once the event is translated into its mythic image, it can be perceived as a mirror of the psyche, and a valuable lesson about Self. From this perspective you can see its function in your life as a positive construct. These basic questions need to be asked of any situation where pain, discomfort, or any negative emotion is experienced, or where any event stand out as significant i.e. grabs your attention.  What’s this?  What’s it doing?  What’s it for? What is it telling me? Why is it up on my screen? Thus you can discover what an event is doing for you, instead of to you.

Chariot Tarot CardYOUR CAR mirrors your sense of the vehicle that carries you through life. This can be a general theme in your life, or apply to a particular situation. For example, jobs are vehicles in that they provide the necessary support to move through life. Something as simple as a flat tire indicates a flat space in your life, living in the doldrums, lacking enthusiasm for your work or whatever else you do in your life generally. Your body and your physical energy are necessary to move through life, so they too are often represented in your vehicle.  A dead battery carries a message of drained energy.  You are probably overworking, doing something you don't enjoy, possibly serving others rather than self. Relationships are often depicted in your vehicle. The specific details of a car accident will often mirror your unresolved energies with other people, romantic or otherwise. When you get the message, you realize your flat tire or dead battery etc. is working for you, not against you. GO TO TOP.



Tarot Card-Ten of CupsYOUR HOUSE mirrors the state of your psyche, with floors and rooms as its components. For example, basements have to do with the unconscious, top floors with spirit.  Leaks are usually the consequence of your resistance to spirit trying to enter your life.  Foundations are the base on which your life is built.  The order – clutter continuum is indicative of how you use your creative forces.  This ranges from obsessive compulsive to totally chaotic.





Taraot Card_- Eight of PentaclesYOUR JOB mirrors physically what you need to work on spiritually, both in the work place and in your life generally. For example, commonly, people with jobs in communication often need to communicate more with spirit, as well as in their personal lives.  Nurses and other caregivers need to learn to give more to self. The tendency is to view your job from a strictly physical perspective, because it provides you with the your physical livelihood, and is usually based on years of education and training. The lack of spiritual perspective in all of this creates a conflict within the mind between physical and spiritual.  This conflict will get mirrored in the problems you face at work. If you feel your skills are overlooked at work, you are yourself negating or suppressing parts of self, judging them as inadequate or even wrong.  When you connect with spirit, you begin to look at yourself differently. You learn to value yourself and see gifts where you once saw handicaps. Often the root of the problem is denial or judgment of the inner voice, or other forms of intuitive knowledge.  The tendency is not to connect with spirit on the job, but to slog along, treating work as a strictly physical process. GO TO TOP.



Tarot Card-Two of CupsYOUR RELATIONSHIP  mirrors how you relate to yourself.  Every attack that you perceive from a partner, friend, family member, colleague, or boss is also a voice you have within that you need to face and deal with.  You feel helpless to this voice within, but can rebut it quite strongly when it comes from others.  Once you see this connection, you begin to realize that these attacks are helping you to find the strength to deal with your internal persecutors.  When you approach a relationship from a strictly physical perspective, you tend to devote all of your attention and energy into making it work, at the expense of self.  You will also tend to project your problems onto the other person. When you perceive these imbalances, the relationship becomes a means of healing the problem within. If you own the conflict as internal as well as external, and work on the internal component, the outer reflection begins to change.  Either the other person changes, or their actions no longer bother you.  You may also feel less attached to the relationship, and sometimes the person drops out of your life altogether.  This can generate space for a new situation. 


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